De-stress at the Awakened Rose

| 03 Jan 2018 | 12:53

By Laurie Gordon
— The Awakened Rose Holistic Wellness Center offers a host of holistic services that enable the transformation to a healthy mind, body and spirit. With services ranging from personal wellness sessions, to classes/workshops to sound meditations, to a visionary art gallery and retail shop, the focus is entirely on helping people stay peaceful, balanced and whole.
Owner, Lisa Nixon, is an accomplished intuitive, photographer/visionary artist as well as a holistic practitioner and teacher. More than just a wellness center, The Awakened Rose is a growing spiritual/holistic community.
“We offer classes, workshops, special events, services and products to help those on their journey toward peace and wholeness,” Nixon said.
Nixon grew up in West Orange, New Jersey and moved to Sparta with her first marriage. During this time, she developed an agggressive form of breast cancer.
“It really caused me to re-evaluate my life,” she said. “I divorced and was on my own with my three children for a while with very little resources. I went to night school to become a manicurist, and wound up doing really well at giving pedicures believe it or not. People would always find themselves so relaxed and peaceful during my appointments. I could actually feel their energy and was giving them a form of Reiki - without fully realizing it at the time.”
Nixon said, “I wound up meeting the love of my life while working at the salon, we married and me and the children moved in with him to his home in Byram. It felt like 'coming home.' There is something very special about the town, the schools, the community. I left the salon and helped my husband start his company Marksmen Enterprises. It took so much of my time and as the kids grew and needed me less and less I found myself searching for something more... Something more than just the constant hustle bustle of the world. I remembered how much I enjoyed working with people, helping them find peace and relaxation even if it was in some small way.”
Nixon wound up finding a metaphysical group that was offering holistic classes and took Psychic Development.
“I realized this was something natural that we all have and can use to guide us,” she said. “I took Reiki classes and as I practiced I found people really experiencing emotional and physical changes. My interest grew and so did the classes and books and I knew this was something special.”
Nixon's husband said he wanted to help her make her dream of having her own holistic center come true.
“We knew about the house on the corner of Main Steet. and Limecrest Road, in Andover, and it was for sale so he and I along with his partner and his wife purchased the building,” Nixon said. “His company did the renovation work and his company is on the ground floor and The Awakened Rose is on the second floor.”
“I want to be able to provide a place, a community, where people can stop for a moment or two,” Nixon said. “Take the time they need for themselves, replenish, relax. Find their inner peace, inner strength so that they can go back out into the world. I truly feel all the knowledge and love we're looking for is already contained within each and every person... and with gentle loving guidance The Awakened Rose can help them find their way to regain clarity for peace, good health and wholeness.”
Sound meditations are offered in intimate group settings or in private sound therapy sessions. The results of the sound vibrations are waves of peace, heightened awareness and relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.
“A sound meditation can be an unforgettable experience for those seeking deep relaxation and rejuvenation or for those looking for an acceleration of their inward journey,” Nixon said. "Time is suspended as you enter the world of vibration and where great insights can be accessed. It is a truly profound experience.”
Wellness sessions are also offered and vary depending on the need of each individual. Nixon is a certified advanced Integrated Energy Therapist and Master in both Reiki and the Rose Alchemy modality. The use of crystals and sound may also be used if necessary. All wellness sessions last approximately one hour and are scheduled in advance in order to provide the best service for each individual.
The Awakened Rose's Visionary Art Gallery display's Nixon's unique artwork which is derived from her original photographs and from fractal images she has created. While in a meditative state, she is able to transform each piece into an extraordinary reflection of light and love. Her work has a high vibrational quality that transcends the physical world and speaks directly through the eyes to the soul.
Lisa was born to be behind the camera. She has a special way of capturing her feelings of love for the Earth and all who inhabit it. Her individual style takes us up close and personal into the extraordinary world of nature.
“My photography guides us on a journey into the depths of our world, reminding us of the vast beauty, innocence and love that surrounds us,” she said.
Educational classes/workshops encompass informative and innovative holistic educational workshops and activities offered to bring wholeness and peace and joy to the mind, body and spirit.
Nixon's Rose Garden Gift Shop includes uplifting and natural items including such as her unique visionary art and greeting cards, crystals (tumbled, raw and rare); oracle cards, Young Living essential oils, incense, natural candles, books and hand-made jewelry. Organic lavender aromatherapy products from Wild Meadow Farm, plus all natural body care products from Dragonfly Aromatic Oils, Fair Trade items and much more. The gift shop is always open during events, sessions and classes/workshops as well as on Wednesdays from 12 - 6 pm and Saturdays from 10-4 pm.
Nixon said, “In too-fast paced life we're all living in today, depression, fatigue or just feeling like were losing ourselves can occur. The Awakened Rose offers many services all dealing with de-stressing.. Whether it's a beautiful sound meditation, or a personal Reiki session, a class or an activity offering alternative information or an item that is healthy, or brings us peace and joy. - This is what we're all about.” She added, “ We all need to come back to ourselves, find our peace, re-group so that we can go back out into the world refreshed and with inner strength.”
For further information and pricing, visit Reiki sessions are available by appointment. Contact The Awakened Rose to schedule an appointment at: or call 973-786-0226 or text:862-266-0467