Franklin Pageant contestants charm the community

Franklin. The pageant returned with Franklin Day on Saturday, with delightful interviews in which contestants talked about life, love, and strawberry lollipops.

| 25 Jun 2021 | 03:38

Judge Kasia McManamon engagingly interviewed each participant one by one.

Little sweethearts shyly looked at their mothers, who reminded them, “You talk all the time to people in ShopRite.”

During Saturday’s Franklin Day celebration, McManamon, who is also communications officer for Norwescap, said the pageant held on Franklin Day dates over 70 years. It was moved back to Franklin Pond this year in memory and honor of Sally Babb McGrath, a lifelong resident and “dedicated pillar in the community,” she said.

The pageant winners were then announced .

Miss Franklin 2021 Samantha Karpowicz held court with the newly selected royalty: Junior Miss Franklin – Lily Parker, Little Miss Franklin – Chloe Geuther, Princess of Franklin – Allyson Drown, and Prince of Franklin – Jules Bannister.

The interview

Prince of Franklin Jules said he helps his mommy and daddy wash dishes and that he loves to draw.

Little Miss Franklin Chloe spoke of the importance of life, love, and sacrifice. Sometimes she sacrifices her plans for her baby sister because she loves her. Chloe’s father is a police officer.

Princess of Franklin Allyson’s favorite hero is Poppi because her sister, Emily, likes her.

Junior Miss Franklin Lily wants to own her own art business to help disabled kids. She said teaching a blind girl karate “helped her to see so many different things.”

Miss Franklin Samantha has been running Spartan races since she was 16. She said one has to prepare both mentally and physically for each race. Her first 14-mile Spartan race at Mountain Creek made her a stronger person after having to “push through” in order to complete it. Her father is a volunteer firefighter.

Some of the contestants were shy and gave up-and-down nods when answering questions.

One boy wants to give Franklin residents strawberry lollipops to make everyone smile.

One little girl wants to drive rainbow cars.

Another little girl’s shiny shoes dangled in the air and shook slightly with each answer she gave.

Thanks to the volunteers

The volunteers make Franklin Day possible

The recreation committee chair, Bobbi Formica, said the committee was in charge of Franklin Day, and each member had their own jobs to do.

Recreation committee member Christina Sanchez was in charge of running the pageant.

Formica added, “We have fireworks coming later,” Formica said. The fireworks were sponsored by Braen Stone, the quarry. Planet Network, another sponsor, supplied all of the vendors with internet.