Health center welcomes grief relief expert

| 23 Jan 2018 | 05:35

— The Tree of Health Center (TTOHC) is delighted to welcome author and Grief Coach, Claire M. Schwartz, to their team of expert healers and teachers. Claire will offer Grief Coaching, Life Coaching and Reiki services at TTOHC. Her monthly classes include many aspects of healing from grief, in addition to seasonal grounding classes.
Claire M. Schwartz brings 12 years of expertise as a Grief Relief Expert to TTOHC. She founded her healing practice, Miriam’s Well Healing LLC, in 2006 which continues to thrive in Montclair, New Jersey. Now Claire is spreading her wings to Sussex County where she will split her time between Newton and Montclair. “Grief is universal, but my own losses, starting with my mother, taught me there are so many myths and painful misconceptions about Grief that make healing harder,” says Claire. “Over dozens of losses, I have cultivated Truths and Tools that provide actual healing and support, that is rare and desperately needed, so that people do not waste a moment more in their suffering. It took me 20 years to reach my peace about my Mom - I want to make everyone's journey shorter and easier.”
Claire is a welcome addition to the TTOHC team. TTOHC offers CranioSacral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Massage and Reiki, in addition to Meditation and Reiki classes. Claire’s work as a Grief Relief Expert, along with her Reiki and Life Coaching, broadens and expands choices for those suffering from grief or looking for new tools and perspectives to heal and move their lives forward.
Claire has a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Grief Relief Expert, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Professional Coach, as well as an Interfaith Minister. Claire is also the author of “Putting Out the Fire: Nurturing Mind, Body & Spirit in the First Week of Loss and Beyond.”
Claire’s next class at TTOHC is The Five Keys to Fearless Grieving, which takes place on Saturday, February 24th from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Claire partners with you to calm your spirit and find a new place of peace in your heart after a loss has shaken your world. The investment is $125.
Claire is available for private sessions at TTOHC by appointment only. To learn more about Claire or to register for her upcoming classes, go to or call (973) 500-8813.
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