Heartfelt letters build bridge between different worlds

| 14 Feb 2018 | 04:02

Students in Bonnie Lisk’s second-grade class have been writing to an 8-year-old student from Vietnam through the help of the organization Brittany’s Hope.
Brittany’s Hope is an organization based in Elizabethtown, PA that aids abandoned children worldwide.
In 2015, Lisk traveled to Vietnam with this organization and wanted to bring this connection into her classroom.
“I’m glad I was able to bridge my connection with Brittany’s Hope to my classroom,” Lisk commented.
The students were first introduced to the little boy, Thinh, through discussion with Lisk. Thinh lives in a center called the House of Love which supports orphaned children in Nha Trang, Vietnam.
The class learned about the country, Vietnam, in class and then wrote notes to Thinh.
The students then sent their letters to him in Vietnam. Each student later received a personalized letter back from Thinh in Vietnamese and a translated version in English.
“The students were so excited to read their own personalized letters, and loved making this connection with someone across the globe. It was amazing to see the joy on the students faces when they read their letter” said Lisk.
For more information on Brittany’s Hope visit its website: http://www.brittanyshope.org/