Hopatcong Marketplace extends season to Nov. 28

Hopatcong. The season has been so successful, the open-air market, which would usually be closed by now, will continue to offer the community its vendors selling food, crafts, and collectibles.

| 02 Nov 2020 | 12:27

The Hopatcong Marketplace has been running since June, and going so well that the market received the town’s permission to extend the marketplace until Nov. 28, according to Jodie Penn, one of the volunteers and owner of Ellie Within Crafts and AlphaZelle/Natures Golden Miracle CBD.

Jim Puccio owner of Queen of the Hill Farm always has fresh produce and local honey. Puccio and Hopatcong Mayor Mike Francis have been putting together this weekly vendor event, which raises money for the Hopatcong Community Center.

“I have met some really great people,” said Kate Reinhardt, one of the vendors -- The Cocoa Exchange and Joiya Wellness -- that has been there all season. “All the customers are so nice, and I love the mix of vendors.”

Since June, the vendors have grown to include crafters, collectors, artisans, community groups, and food trucks. You’ll find fudge, empanadas, pickles, pierogies, and even fresh wood-fired pizza.

The marketplace, located at 47 Hopatchung Road in Hopatcong, is open Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. until Nov. 28. For more information email vendorsofthemarketplace@gmail.com or visit farmtoartfun.com.