Interplay Couture bolsters confidence through fashion

| 18 Oct 2017 | 02:33

By Laurie Gordon
— Lynn Cohen knows fashion and is a firm believer that "your best resume is your look."
She and her husband, Gil, opened Interplay Couture in the Theatre Plaza in Sparta in January of 2015. Now, approaching their third anniversary in business there, Cohen said that the business continues to provide top notch customer service and has evolved with the needs of its customers.
“Always in life, from nature to business, you either evolve or you atrophy,” Cohen said. “You can't get stuck in the same old rhythm.”
Cohen has been into fashion since age 19 when she met her husband and they went on to open a flagship boutique in Soho. They expanded with the pulse of the fashion industry and owned several other stores in trending areas such as Flat Iron and Greenwich Village. Business boomed and they loved the city, but they also longed for a place in the country. A friend raved over Northwest, New Jersey, but having only experienced the cluttered Route 3 area of the state, the Cohens were skeptical at first. The friend told them to take Route 80 west until it “smelled good.” The Cohens piled their five dogs into their Honda Civic and headed west, landing in Lafayette where they rolled down the windows, smelled the country air and drove straight to the nearest real estate agent.
The Cohens bought a farm in Hampton as a weekend retreat at first but then found themselves commuting into the city more and more. They started talking about switching things and living at the farm with a nearby store.
“We realized that there were enough women in the area interested in looking like individuals rather than getting caught up in the Armanis and Pradas of the world so we opened a by-appointment-only studio in Newton.”
It quickly became evident that women wanted it to be open more than by appointment only, so Cohen established some store hours several days a week and began thinking about a larger location. It became evident that they could and should expand, so they decided to move to the Theatre Plaza in Sparta.
With international connections and a strong hot line to Soho's fashion industry, Interplay Couture offers women Interplay Couture is named for what it is and does. Cohen has a gift for putting together various styles to create a unique, classy and very individualized look for each woman who visits her store.
“Each customer is an individual and is treated with the utmost respect and sense of what they're looking for in style,” Cohen said. “We have sizes 0 through 3X and our prices are such that any woman can afford to come and see us. We're here for the businesswoman who wants to update, the housewife who wants to add a little style and for those headed to social events that want to have that perfect look.”
Interplay has a carefully curated collection Europe and America's most individual and cutting edge outerwear, personal and enjoyable way to update your wardrobe and your image.
“Shopping at Interplay Couture is an intimate experience meant to heighten your sense of self, update and upgrade your look, and get you back in the game,” Cohen said. “And it isn't about mourning the you that you were 20 years ago. It's celebrating the you that you are now.” She added, “Our pieces are internationally sourced, designer inspired, and influenced by our sense of global connectivity. We inter-play art, philosophy, culture and clothing to create a unique experience.”
Cohen is a creator and an artist and in the business of helping women find their fashion sense. As a by-product, she helps bolster self-confidence.
And then there's the “wow” factor.
“Many times we'll select an outfit for a woman to try on. Sometimes she'll look at me like I'm crazy but will agree to try it on 'just to see'. It's truly amazing, rewarding and incredible to see a woman come out of the dressing room and see herself in the mirror looking fabulous. I've cried happy tears with many women. That's what we're all about.”
Cohen said that often, “everything can come back to jeans or leggings.” One of the things she emphasizes is style with comfort. “We specifically seek out fabrics that let you be fashionable yet comfortable at the same time. Often a pair of jeans, leggings or pencil skirt can lead to an incredible outfit when the right top and jacket are added.”
Complimentary tailoring, done on site, insures everything is the perfect fit.
Another aspect of Interplay Couture is that they can come to you. “We can bring a full regalia of clothing to your home for a party with your friends. We role in with everything and have French music playing and Italian wine flowing.”
Interplay also hosts charity functions where women can gather at the store and proceeds from sales that evening will go to a charity of their choice. With the holidays coming, this is a great win-win idea: get some new styles and help a charity at the same time.
A fashionista in the truest sense of the word, Cohen said, “When you look good, you feel good and you're confident. It's amazing the positive endorphins that are sent out by a compliment." She added, "It this world and this time, everyone needs as much positivity as possible.”
Interplay Couture is located at 41 Theatre Center in Sparta. For information, call 646-284-5049 or visit They are also on Facebook.