Library of Things at Sussex County Library System

Libraries. The Sussex County Library has added new items to borrow, such as tools, games, music instruments, garden and recreational equipment in addition to books and media.

Vernon /
| 03 Oct 2022 | 04:02

Traditionally, neighbors in rural areas have been utilizing a sharing network for centuries, sharing farm tools and equipment, kitchen gadgets, crops, recipes and the like.

The concept of the Library of Things mirrors this vintage idea of sharing, initiating and perfecting itself in the United Kingdom circa 2015 by Brits Maurice Henson and Rebecca Trevalyan.

Recently, public libraries not only loan out books, journals and media but now have added additional items to borrow, namely, tools, games, musical instruments, garden and recreational equipment and more.

The reasoning behind the Library of Things or “LOT” is to replace individual ownership of expensive and hard to store items. It also cuts down on clutter, assists with social and environmental concerns and encourages sharing.

The Sussex County Library System branches are participating in the “LOT” program, offering borrowing items such as a bocce ball set, a mini I-Pad, snowshoes and color blindness glasses, to name only a few fun possibilities, all free of charge. For a complete listing of items, visit