Man turns life around, writes book about it

| 29 Nov 2017 | 12:42

by Rose Sgarlato
Lou Redmond shares his personal story about self-growth and personal development in his first book “Finding Your Truth.”
The Nutley New Jersey native stopped by Sparta Books last Saturday, Nov.25, to give a glimpse inside his world with a book signing, talk and guided meditation.
The 28-year old author said he has already been through the ringer, having experienced a downward spiral with too much of ‘the good life.’ His turn-around motivated him to write “Find Your Truth,” self-published last February.
“I was living in San Diego for five years, and all I cared about was partying and drinking. I saw my life going down the wrong path,” Redmond said. “I decided I needed a change.”
Redmond moved back to New Jersey last year and began the process of simplifying, giving up booze and TV too. He got trained as a yoga teacher and focused on meditation.
“Using meditation for personal development is so effective. You gain a deeper connection through mediation,” he said. “I would like for this book to inspire other people and ask, 'What is the normal for me?'”
Additional techniques to achieve the deeper connection with self include guided imagery.
“The practice of mindfulness opened me up,” he said. “I quit my job on a dime.”
Redmond before coming an inspirational speaker and yoga teacher was in the golf industry. He beleives his message is impactful and appeals to all ages, with many parents buying the book for their college-age kids.
“I believe the number one priority in life should be finding out who you are and what makes you happy. It's my mission to support you in getting there.”
“Find Your Truth” is avaialbe at Sparta Books.
Before and after photos of Redmond can be seen on The author is available as a speaker and mediation guide. Follow @louspeakstruth or email