Meet Kelly

| 29 Mar 2024 | 07:23


Female dog. About 28 pounds and 5 years old.



Kelly is on the timid side but is a very sweet dog. Whoever adopts her will have to give her time to come out of her shell.

It will probably take a couple weeks before she feels comfortable. In the beginning, she most likely will try to avoid the people in the home.

Kelly also appears to be more comfortable with women in the beginning than men.

Because of her shyness, Kelly has been evaluated by an experienced dog trainer, who said that if she “goes into the right environment and is given enough time to come out of her shell and bond with her new owners, I think she will do very well.”

“She did not display any aggression when she was being evaluated. She only appeared shy with someone she had never met before. She was very sweet and loving to the person that brought her in, which shows that she will make strong bonds with the people she knows and is a very sweet dog once that bond is made.”

Outside the noisy shelter in the play yard, Kelly is much more relaxed and is very affectionate. She loves attention and being petted.


with children older than 15. Kelly should be in a home with only one other dog or should be the only dog.


One Step Closer Animal Rescue (OSCAR)

P.O. Box 248

Sparta, NJ 07871