No timeline for new Sparta land use ordinance

Sparta. There was no new land ordinance on the agenda for the April 12 or 26 Sparta Township Council meetings, leaving some residents fearful that another warehouse application could be made before changes are made. Mayor Dave Smith said the ordinance is with township attorneys.

| 25 Apr 2022 | 03:16

There is no timeline for introduction of a new land use ordinance to prevent future warehouses from applying to site themselves in Sparta Township.

There also was no ordinance scheduled to be introduced at Tuesday’s meeting.

Township resident Carol Savage said she was expecting to see a resolution on the April 12 agenda and was disappointed that there was nothing there.

“Most of the public here is terrified there could be a possible additional application of a giant warehouse project like the one we’re currently working on,” she said. “I don’t know why in two weeks that hasn’t happened.”

Mayor Dave Smith said on April 12 the ordinance has been discussed amongst council members in accordance with the Open Meetings law.

“There are a lot of implications to change it,” Smith said. “All five council members are fully aware of where we are. We are working under the advice of counsel.”

One resident asked the council to instruct the Planning Board to reject the project, but Deputy Mayor Josh Hertzberg told her that was illegal and the township would lose in court and they’d have the warehouse anyway.

Local attorney and Sparta resident Anand Dash said Sparta residents are willing to pay a little more in taxes for “something better” but not willing to sell their souls for ratables.

“We’re so much above that,” he said. “We want peace and quiet and we don’t want to have to be rushing back from schools and sit in traffic.”