Pope John students shine in SATs

| 11 Dec 2017 | 03:02

SPARTA — Twenty-eight Pope John XXIII Regional High School students recently scored 1400 or above on the SAT.
“I’m really proud of our 28 students who work so hard,” Pope John XXIII Regional High School President and Principal Father McHugh said. “They have used the gifts and abilities that God has given them. They’ve shared these gifts with us and we are so happy for their achievement. These scores will certainly open doors for any university across the country and allow them to succeed at the next level.”
“It’s a true testament to the kids for their hard work in and out of the classroom,” Pope John’s Supervisor of Academic Instruction Mr. Brian Vohden said. “It’s also a testament to our faculty and staff for helping them prepare for this.”
The students who eclipsed the 1400-plateau on the exam that indicates college readiness were: Margaret Butler, Peter Corcoran, David Dietz, John Hartman, Brenna Hasselmann, Katherine Janov, Keith Johnson, Brendan Jones, Kurt Lamon, Shifend Li, Jinjiang Liu, Kathleen Love, Christopher Masciarelli, John McGuire, Jack Morelli, Caroline Morris, Jordan Paladini, Trevor Potts, Adriana Purcell, Robert Russo, Griffin Sellinger, James Silva, John Turner, Lauren Yuen, Shuojin Zhang, James Zignorski, Ryan Hayes and Rory O’Connor.
Out of the 28 students listed, the first 26 of them were seniors. Hayes and O’Connor are juniors.
In addition to these 28 students, Pope John’s average score for the PSAT increased by 19 points. The PSAT is similar to the SAT, but it is used to determine if students are eligible for a National Merit Scholarship.