Sparta troop 95 travels to Tennessee for eclipse

| 28 Aug 2017 | 03:59

What’s a Boy Scout supposed to do when he does not live in the path of totality for Eclipse 2017? Drive 882 miles and 14 hours from Sparta to Boxwell Scout Reservation in Lebanon, Tennessee, of course! Six scouts from Troop 95 joined 3,500 other interested skywatchers at Boxwell Scout Reservation from August 19 through August 21, where they were treated to a star party, rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, a variety of merit badge sessions, a cast-iron cook-off, a scavenger hunt, a screening of Star Wars and the magnificent eclipse. From left, Lucas R, Joshua E, Michael F, Thomas H, Doug F, Megan R (Lucas's sister) and Will F. All, except Megan, are troop members.