Sussex Borough looks to cut trash pickup costs

Sussex. Borough considers a single hauler, and will research rates charged by local contractors.

| 10 Dec 2020 | 02:24

The Sussex Borough Council recently discussed ways to make trash pickup in the borough less expensive. The borough’s chief financial officer, Michel Marceau, is checking several options and will report back the council.

No one was interested in buying a hauler and having the Department of Public Works collect trash. Contracting with a single hauler to pick up the boroughs refuse was a more appealing option.

Council President Robert Holowach said three trash haulers are now serving the borough. If one hauler serves more of the town, he said, they may be able to get a better deal.

Holowach said his father, who lives in Sparta, pays a nominal rate per quarter, and he can put something as large as a refrigerator out there and the hauler will take it. “I’m all about that, and that’s why I’m not in that business,” Holowach said.

Marceau said he would reach out to the various trash haulers to see what the options are and get an idea of what the cost would be.

But some residents may not want to participate and prefer to deal with refuse on their own. “Some people in Sparta had that same concern and were able to take their garbage to the (Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority) and not have to participate,” Marceau said.

Councilman Charles Fronheiser asked Marceau to investigate a bulk trash pickup once a month or at least once per quarter.

Marceau said the timing would work well, as they’re talking about signing a contract and possibly have something in place in time for residents doing their spring cleaning.

“I will ask what’s a good number per year so we’re not paying for people who aren’t going to put much (bulk) out,” Marceau said. “We’ll use their experience and use our own feelings, and maybe we’ll come up with a happy medium.”