Sussex-Wantage allows four-day week in next reopening phase

Sussex. Beginning March 8, students currently on the hybrid schedule may come to campus for two weeks of half-day instruction before transitioning to full days.

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| 05 Mar 2021 | 01:02

Students in the Sussex-Wantage Regional School District may soon be able to attend in-person four days per week.

In a Feb. 23 letter to the community, Superintendent Michael Gall announced a plan in which, beginning March 8, students who are currently attending the school’s hybrid model can attend Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for a half-day schedule.

Wednesday will remain a remote-learning day for all students.

“Our approach at the onset of the school year was measured, cautious, and always focused on health and safety as a priority,” Gall said in the letter.

He said the district has been as diligent as possible with regard to wearing masks, social distancing, using hand sanitizer, and quarantining when necessary.

“I believe that these measures coupled with the collaboration of all our stakeholders has resulted in a safe experience thus far,” Gall wrote.

Breakfast and lunch will not be provided during the initial half-day schedule, but students will be able to have a snack. Gall said more information will be coming out regarding students who participate in the free and reduced breakfast and lunch program.

The single-session days are part of a short-term strategy that Gall said he hopes to limit to about two weeks before making a transition to full days. The next phase would be to incorporate in-person instruction five days per week.

Parents who wish to restrict their children to two days per week will be able to do so.

Parents of students who are now learning remotely can change their child’s designation at the beginning of each new marking period. The next change is April 12. Parents can change to full remote learning at any time.

Parents of students at Sussex Middle School who move between classrooms can bring hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes for their personal use. Each room also is provided with hand sanitizer.

Masks will continue to be mandatory for everyone in the school. Parents will continue to self-screen their children before sending them to school, and keep them home when their temperature is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Screenings will also be conducted at the school upon their arrival.

“It is critically important that any student who have a fever or exhibit signs or symptoms of any illness not come to school,” Gall wrote.