Ten-year anniversary for Maxwell & Molly's Closet

| 29 Aug 2017 | 03:03

— Maxwell & Molly’s Closet has been providing the highest quality foods, supplements, treats, toys and accessories, and the best in pet care and customer service since 2007.
This month marks the ten-year anniversary of Maxwell & Molly’s Closet, a pet boutique in northern New Jersey. The boutique offers food and treats made with quality ingredients and no chemicals, pet accessories, natural flea and tick sprays, toys and more to keep your pet healthy and happy. If you have dogs or cats, you should check this place out — where there is nothing but the best at the best prices.
Maxwell & Molly’s Closet, owned by Bonnie Bitondo, started with Bonnie’s own fur family—Maxwell and Molly, the business’s namesakes. Bonnie is committed to providing the best and most useful products for pet owners by selling only those products that she would use for her own pets, focusing on safe, high-quality treats, foods, and grooming techniques. Whether you need a conversation about your pet’s individual needs and trial samples of the most wholesome foods, natural supplements, healthy flea and tick prevention or high quality grooming supplies, the stock at Maxwell & Molly’s Closet will set you and your pet on the path to success.
Back in 2007, Maxwell & Molly’s Closet did indeed resemble a darling little closet, taking up a mere 350 square feet. This amazing boutique grew too big for the space, and the “closet” was expanded and remodeled—the current space boasts 1500 square feet and includes a canine grooming salon. Maxwell & Molly’s Grooming Salon, operated by master groomer, Paulina Riofrio, specializes in holistic grooming with services ranging from crystal healing to breed-specific haircuts, using only eco-friendly, natural and chemical-free products. Additionally, a second location was added in Hamburg to accommodate the northern section of Sussex County. No matter where you go, Maxwell & Molly’s is committed to providing the best products, care, and service for your furry friends. The personalized approach is taken to another level with a free local delivery service from both store locations.
If you have not been in recently, visit either of the stores to experience how Maxwell & Molly’s has evolved into a formidable force in keeping your pet healthy and happy with the best in products, education and service.
Maxwell & Molly’s Closet has been recognized with the following prestigious awards:
Honorable Mention by “Pets Plus,” a national pet industry magazine, for being one of America’s Coolest Pet Supply Stores for 2017.
Gold by the NJ Herald Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Pet Boutique/Supply - 2015, 2016 and 2017!
Maxwell & Molly’s Closet is located at 216-218 Spring Street in Newton, with its second location in the Governor Haines Square in Hamburg. To find out more, visit www.maxwellandmollys.com, or call 973-300-0101 to speak with one of our staff any day of the week as both stores are open daily.