Local resident bids farewell to public life

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:12

    BYRAM n Seeing Byram Township Manager Ronald F. Gatti at work on Friday, you would have never known that it was his last day of work. Although just hours from retiring and a day away from hopping a plane to Disney World, Friday's work day for Gatti was business as usual. His last day included a meeting with Byram Chief Financial Officer Lisa Spring, who will serve as a temporary manager until a replacement for Gatti is hired. True to his position, Gatti on his last day also looked at the rising health insurance costs for the township, in an effort to find cost-effective solutions. He did not take a half day or leave early, and although the weather outside was rainy and cold, Gatti was smiling from ear to ear. The same smile was seen earlier in the week at the Byram Township Council meeting, when a small retirement party was held in his honor. At the event, Mayor Eskil Danielson announced an intermission in the official meeting, so the members of the council and the residents in attendance enjoyed cake and refreshments. At the meeting, Gatti, acting manager of the township for the past 15 years, was asked by Danielson to explain to the council and public why the township was purchasing a new street sweeper. "Our current street sweeper is over 25 years old," said Gatti. "It's time that the old one be replaced - that sounds familiar, doesn't it," he said jokingly. It has yet to be determined just when a full time manager will be hired. "We are still interviewing and negotiating with lead candidates," said Gatti. Gatti does not officially retire until next month. He is currently using vacation time that he had built up throughout his tenure, and will be available via telephone for consultations.