Officials: no plans to develop quarry site, yet

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:14

    Andover/Sparta-A ccording to development and township officials, long term plans for the Limecrest Quarry in Sparta have yet to be determined. The 400-acre site, which was sold earlier this year, extends into both Lafayette and Andover townships. Right now, Limecrest Quarry Developers are only mining granite, and not limestone from the site. "It's not really active right now," said partial owner of the facility Gene Mulvihill in a phone interview last week. "The market decides your plans," he said referring to the choice to mine the granite. Mulvihill said that the company has no immediate plans to change its operations. According to him, long term plans for the site have yet to be finalized. "A lot of people speculate that we are going to develop the quarry. Anything is possible about development," said Mulvihill in response to whether or not the speculation was accurate. Limecrest Quarry Developers purchased the mine last February, and stopped pumping out the accumulated water in the limestone bedded quarry. In the meantime, the quarry has been filling with a bluish green water that resembles scenery similar to what can be found in the Caribbean. Portions of the quarry have reached nearly 60 feet deep. Mulvihill, who is involved with the development of Crystal Springs said that he did not want to speculate into the future of the site in case tentative planning does not work out. "I haven't heard much since it sold," said Sparta Township Manager Henry Underhill about the site. "I know they are working on a plan, but nothing has been presented to the township."