State suspends EMT license of man charged with weapons, drugs, cyber harassment

NEWTON. Michael V. Zaremski, 25, of Green Township, faces 39 weapons, drugs and cyber harassment charges after a complaint by his ex-girlfriend led authorities to discover illegally manufactured firearms.

| 24 Sep 2019 | 01:02

A Green Township man, who faces 39 weapons, drugs and cyber harassment charges, had his EMT certification suspended by the state.

Michael V. Zaremski, 25, was notified of the immediate suspension by the state Department of Health's Office of Emergency Medical Services in a letter dated Sept. 6.

“As you are aware, EMTs are placed in a position of trust by the general public,” Assistance Commissioner Christopher Neuwirth said in the letter. “In order to be effective, EMTs must exercise good judgment, trust each other and be trusted by police officers, firefighters, doctors and other professionals. In short, EMTs must be law-abiding and trustworthy.”

Zaremski, 25, was arrested on June 25 after his ex-girlfriend reported to Franklin Borough police that he had posted images of her on a fake social media account wearing a Nazi uniform and hat.

The complaint led authorities to discover illegally manufactured firearms, according to the State of New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.

According to the indictment, Zaremski then followed and shared the images with her employer, who is Jewish, causing her to lose her job.

During an interview with police about the social media allegations, officers found a 9mm handgun with a bullet in the chamber of his EMS jacket, according to an affidavit.

Zaremski, who was an EMT in Hackettstown, allegedly admitted he carried the weapon while on duty, the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness said.

A consensual search of his cell phone revealed photos of weapons that also appeared to be illegal, police said.

Police determined Zaremski manufactured the 9mm handgun, which lacked serial numbers, and obtained search warrants for his house and vehicle.

Six assault rifles, a loaded handgun, 18 high-capacity magazines, gun-manufacturing tools and narcotics were found in the course of the searches.

In the indictment, Zaremski’s ex-girlfriend alleges that he obstructed her breathing in a January 2017 incident and pointed a handgun at the back of her head in January 2019.

“Guess if it’s loaded or not,” Zaremski allegedly said during the incident.

It was not clear as of press time if Zaremski had obtained an attorney.