Pollison seeks support

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:55

    To the Editor: My name is Kevin Pollison and I will be running for Sparta Town Council during the November 8 election. Many of my fellow citizens may remember my involvement with the Community Facilities Taskforce (CFT) some 15 months ago. This initial act of volunteerism and subsequent attendance at countless board of education, town council and planning meetings has led me to conclude that we need to do a better job of planning for Sparta's future. What these past months have shown is that a lack of sound vision, and a clear road map to implement it, has Spartans wondering where we are headed. Some have claimed that I am a one-issue candidate -— that my issue is to get a new High School built. They are wrong. My issue is not solving the school enrollment crisis. That will be decided whenever a school referendum is presented to the town residents. And on that day, I like everyone else, will have only one vote when I cast my ballot. My issue is much larger than that. My issue is one of better planning for Sparta's future. My issue concerns the wise and prudent spending of our tax dollars as we implement that vision. My issue is of inclusion of all citizens when it comes to making decisions on large-scale capital projects that affect our taxes. Whether it is the construction of a multimillion-dollar teen center, or the purchase of the A O Polymer Superfund site with Open Space money, I believe the citizens should have a tremendous amount of input before five elected officials decide whether to lighten their wallets. That's called responsive government. It's a government that communicates effectively with its constituency. One that cooperates with its citizens and local businesses. One that, at the end of the day, is accountable for its decisions. A responsive government plans for a better future without mortgaging the wallets of current residents, and of future ones. That's my issue, that's what I am focused on. For more information please visit www.pollison.com. Kevin M. Pollison Sparta