Sparta lacks planning

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:52

    As a five year resident of Sparta I can not help but notice evidence of a certain lack of planning in the township. I would like to ask someone in a design making position what is being done to protect the integrity of our small businesses who add so much to the joy of living here. Specifically I mention allowing a major drug chain to build at a stone's throw from an established pharmacy. Ditto a pizza chain as well as a coffee chain. I also would like to ask why the beautiful old tree in front of Wachovia Bank was cut down to make way for a sidewalk. Could the sidewalk not have gone around the tree? Please don't tell me that the tree was diseased. I look forward to reading the answers in the paper. Barbara Lorenzoni Sparta Editor's Note n Residents are invited to submit questions to municipal officials or local community leaders to be published in this section by sending their queries to