Friends campaign to memorialize former teammate at Wallkill Valley

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:51

    HARDYSTON-Two former Wallkill Valley soccer players think their old field needs a name. And, according to Meghan Nilan and Kathleen Brady, there is no one better to dedicate the field to than former Rangers' star Kristen Donohue, who was killed in a motorcycle accident on May 15. "She was a strong leader and led the soccer team farther than any other team at Wallkill Valley," said Brady. "Her legacy should live on." Donohue was the captain on the 2000 Wallkill Valley soccer team that went to the state sectional finals. The girls' idea blossomed into an outpouring from the community. More than 1,100 people have signed the petition to put Donohue's name on the soccer field. But Brady says the Board of Education is not sold on the idea. "They have been very vague," she said. "They have been saying things like they will let us know, and have been showing some concerns because they don't want to set a precedent. The precedent has already been set." The school's baseball field, football field, gymnasium, and nature trail have all been memorialized for faculty and staff who have passed away. "She was a very vibrant individual who touched the lives of every person she met in a positive way," said Brady. "As future generations come through our high school doors, she can continue to be a part of the community. She can continue to be a role model. We can only hope that Wallkill students will be inspired by Kristin and her short life and follow in her footsteps." The proposal is being discussed by the Board of Education, and a decision will be reached at a meeting tentatively scheduled for Aug. 23. "Allow us to honor Kristin's contributions to society," said Brady.