Pat Sullivan finishes third in the 4th Annual West Milford 5K Run

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:16

    Oak Ridge's Pat Sullivan was the third runner in a field of 91 to cross he finish ln the Fourth Annual West Milford 5K Run to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The 17-year old completed the 3.1-mile course in 19:32. Newfoundland's 42-year old Laura Trento finished fourth among the 33 females in the event, turning in a clocking of 24:29. Seven local runners turned in gold medal efforts in their age divisions with Newfoundland's 15-year old Casey Weiss the youngest, winning the boys' 12 to 15 age group with a time of 20:16. Sparta's 37-year old Nathan Echols triumphed in the men's 35 to 39 age bracket with a clocking of 19:48 while 45-year old Sandra Saber of Sussex won the women's 45 to 49 competition with a time of 28:49. Oak Ridge's 50-year old Meg Markovich finished first in the women's 50 to 54 age group when she was clocked in 27:58. A trio o Hewitt runners, 54-year old Carl Richko, 55-year old Marge Mason and 62-year old William Ash won their age divisions. Picking up runnerup awards were Hewitt's 47-year old Kathleen Hewins and Oak Ridge's 15-year old Erin Wilson. Finishing in third place were Hewitt's 15-year old Tom Bucatmann, 35-year old Rich Bryan, 37-year old Michele Ragonese and 41-year old Steve Bryan plus Stanhope's 51-year old Denice Delimon. 4th Annual West Milford 5K Run 3. Pat Sullivan, Oak Ridge, 19:32; 4. Nathan Echols, Sparta, 19:48; 6. Casey Weiss, Newfoundland, 20:16; 14. Tom Bucatmann, Hewitt, 22:42; 21. Rich Bryan, Hewitt, 23:52; 23. William Ash, Hewitt, 24:02; 24. Steve Bryan, Hewitt, 24:21; 29. Laura Trento, Newfoundland, 24:29; 32. Erin Wilson, Oak Ridge, 24:46; 34. Steve Cassilli, Hewitt, 25:32; 41. Carl Richko, Hewitt, 26:13; 44. Kyle Markovich, Oak Ridge, 26:25; 54. Meg Markovich, Oak Ridge, 27:58; 61. Sandra Saber, Sussex, 28:49; 62. Marge Mason, Hewitt, 29:00; 65. Jim Dykstra, Hewitt, 29:37; 74. Michele Ragonese, Hewitt, 30:54; 76. Kathleen Hewins, Hewitt, 31:03; 85. Lisa Lunbrand, Hewitt, 33:44; 92. Denice Delimon, Stanhope, 41:25