Sussex-Wantage Little League is getting ready for its season

Sussex. The recently thawed Brookside Park needs some work before the kids play ball.

| 02 Apr 2021 | 01:57

The Sussex-Wantage Little League is looking to open its season on April 14. The Sussex Borough Council on March 16 gave the league the go-ahead to use the field at Brookside Park.

But a lot of prep work needs to be done at the park before opening day. The Little League president met with Sussex Borough Council members Jake Little and Charles Fronheiser on March 4. Although the park was under about six inches of snow at that time, they were able to come up with a to-do list.

Kosinski said the field needed a yellow fence topper for the field. “We can’t play without it,” Kosinski said. “I believe the Department of Public Works said it was ordered, but since we didn’t have a season last year, it wasn’t ordered.”

The league moved the backstop about 10 feet, which left a hole between the new backstop and home plate. Kosinski said the Little League will take care of that.

Kosinski said there’s a big hole between the backstop and the concession stand. Since that hole doesn’t affect the playing field, he asked if the borough could fill it.

Little said work on the bathroom was going forward. Fronheiser said the borough has a quote on the repairs to the bathroom.

“I hope everyone is in agreement to get that fixed,” Fronheiser said. Kosinski said once the bathrooms are fixed, he can reach out to the borough to get a key for it.

There are two fields, a lighted field to the south and another to the north. Kosinski said the nail dragger needs to be used to pull the weeds and smooth the dirt. One field is much weedier than the other, he said.

He asked who is responsible for cutting the grass. Fronheiser said they hadn’t heard back from Wantage Township.

“As far as I know, if they don’t do it, it will fall on the Department of Public Works,” Fronheiser said.