Students at the center of the high school debate speak up

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    SPARTA-Though seniors are beginning to practice for graduation, the underclassmen at Sparta High School are just beginning to prepare for the rest of their high school careers. With the current debate on whether or not to construct a new high school in Sparta, the future academic experience of students such as freshmen Jodie Domarecki and Danny Barry hangs in the balance. However, their voices have rarely been heard regarding this issue. "I think the best solution was to have the town people vote on it," said Domarecki, referring to a referendum planned for November to give the Sparta residents a more direct participation in the decision. For freshman Danny Barry though, the current controversy centers on the "money for the new high school." Some students such as Mary Claire McCormack, also a freshman, agree with the board of education's estimates that the facility can no longer accommodate the needs of the students. "It's overcrowded," stated McCormack. "It's harder for teachers to help individual students. If you have a question you have to stay after to ask a teacher for help." "It's too old. We could use central air and better lockers because some of them are broken," said sophomore Marc Weintraub. Other students believe the conditions at the center of the debate have little effect on their education, putting more emphasis on the quality of people the district has at the helm of each class. "The building doesn't impact my education. It's really the teachers that matter the most," said Domarecki. Sparta high school opened in 1959 and has seen several renovations and additions.