Students to start paying the price of overcrowding

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:15

    Sparta-On the first day of school next month, children living on one side of Glen Road will board a bus that will take them to Helen Morgan School, while their friends, living on the other side of the road, will travel to Alpine School. This is the reality of overcrowding in Sparta. School officials recently transferred 50 children, all of which live on Glen Road, from the Alpine Elementary School to the Helen Morgan Elementary school. According to Sparta School District Superintendent Dr. Thomas Morton, the decision to shift the youngsters came as a result of school overcrowding. "If we didn't make the move, Alpine enrollment would have put the school at 100 students over capacity," said Morton. "Before the switch, theHelen Morgan School would have been right at capacity.Now, both schools will be 50 students over." Also, Morton said, the decision to switch students living on Glen Road was made because it was the easiest way to conform to bus routing. He said that every year, Sparta School officials look at the population of incoming students, and they ratify bus routes to conform to needs. This year, however, has been the first time that a realignment of the student body was required. In an attempt to help those affected, an orientation session was held last month at the Helen Morgan School. Principal Dennis Tobin labeled the meeting session as "a positive experience." "I am confident that the transition will be a successful one and that all of the boys and girls will have a successful school year," said Tobin. "We are looking forward to welcoming the new students."