Sussex Tech helps orphanage kids have Happy Halloween

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

Sparta - The carpentry, building trades and culinary students at Sussex County Technical School have again pooled their talents to make sure that the residents and staff of St. Peter’s Orphanage in Denville have a Happy Halloween. Carpentry and building trades students constructed gravestones, fences, and a guillotine as props for a haunted house at St. Peter’s, and bake shop students prepared festive candy apples to make the Halloween celebration complete. St. Peter’s Orphanage has expressed gratitude for the generosity of the students and faculty at Sussex Tech, who always lend a helping hand whenever the need arises. The students at Sussex Tech benefit doubly because they get to help others while learning to refine their skills. The bake shop students recently decided they want to do even more to bring happiness into the lives of the orphans, so they are now baking weekly desserts for them.