The Best Advice Your Mother Ever Gave You

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:48

    SUSSEX COUNTY-We've heard it said over and over again … Mind your manners; Don't judge a book by its cover; First impressions are the lasting ones; Money is the root of all evil; Never go to bed angry; Be careful what you wish for, it may come true. Some motherly advice conjures up heartfelt memories while others still get a chuckle years later. Less conventional, yet still often heard is the advice: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer; When poverty knocks at the door, love flies out the window; I hope God gives you a child just like yourself! And, Don't gossip, it only comes back to bite you in the … well, you know. More surprising than the fact that one person can chronically repeat the same advice for years, is the shock of grown children, hearing themselves echoing those same words that once warranted no more than an eye roll response, now being bellowed at their own offspring. Here is a list we compiled of the best advice your mother ever gave you, from your friends and neighbors. "I would have to say the best advice my mother has ever given me is the following: ‘It pays to always look your best.' This quote is the main reason I wear a suit to work everyday." Mark Jacobus Math Teacher - Mohawk Avenue School "The most valuable advice I was given by my mother was, ‘You can accomplish anything you wish' and ‘Always make time for your creative self'." Pierce Skinner Psychologist "My mother's advice was to ‘Treat your family with the same respect you'd treat a stranger.' I am passing that advice on to my own children. " Stacey O'Sullivan Travel Agent - Scully Travel "My mother says, ‘As soon as you figure out your kids, they change!'" Jeannie Phillips Attorney "Whenever I would need to leave a holiday dinner or family function to respond to a fire alarm, my mother would say ‘You are crazy to leave.' One day I responded by asking her ‘Mom if a firefighter comes to your burning house one day are you going to tell him he was crazy for coming?," Ed Seugling Former Sparta Fire Chief "‘Don't lie! It only makes matters worse.' That is what my mother always said, and it's true." Russell Smith, Sergeant - Sparta Police Department "My mother's advice has always been to, ‘Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe'." Michelle Melgarejo Family Child Care Provider "My mother always told me, ‘Never give up'." Elsa Iglesias Pharmacist "I think the thing she said most over the years was ‘It only takes a minute to be nice.' And it's true." Jill Rush Sparta School Aid "Always wear clean underwear. Always carry change for the telephone! And, if you are a good cook, your husband will always return home." The staff at the Sparta Library "Treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself." Anna Patras Orthodontist - Dr. Grano Sparta Offic