The Goddard School is holding a preschool block party

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:57

    SPARTA — The Goddard School® located in Sparta believes in the power of play for learning, as well as the importance of providing a healthy, active lifestyle for all children. In an effort to spread the word to families in their community, the educational preschool will sponsor The Goddard School Block Party event from Monday, Sept. 19 through Saturday, Sept. 24. The event will engage children and their families in a variety of fitness, nutrition and learning activities based on the core curriculum and enrichment programs that are an integral part of the FLEX™ Learning Program offered at The Goddard School. To gear up for the celebration, James Freda, owner of The Goddard School in Sparta, offers five tips for parents to help their children partake in healthy activities: 1. Make it into a game. Create a game out of everyday tasks such as chores, cleaning and gardening. Think outside the box to create activities that are active and stimulate the mind. Play helps children learn to solve problems, promotes flexibility and motivation, teaches regulation of emotions and builds resilience and confidence. 2. Get outside. Preschoolers need plenty of time and space to run around and play. Taking your child to a playground or park is a great way to release energy and exercise! Play outside with your child and teach hand-eye coordination by showing the basics of throwing, catching and kicking a large, soft ball. 3. Add music to the activity. Play “Statues” by playing up-tempo music. Have your child move while the music is playing and freeze into a statue when you pause the music. Encourage creative dancing. 4. Be active with your children. Support young toddlers’ mastery of walking by allowing them to be active! Play with them as they learn to run, hop, dance and throw. Have them chase bubbles or invent a silly walk — play becomes exercise. Remember to provide encouragement to your child as they build self-confidence. 5. Get active inside, too. When weather interferes, get out the large balls, exercise mats and Twister® games, or do some stretching and balancing exercises together. Limit TV, video game and computer time to encourage your children to become active. “Focusing your child’s physical fitness on fun activities will increase your child’s ability to move with confidence and competence,” says Sue Adair, director of education at GSI. “At The Goddard School, we also work closely with our families to help guide healthy activities, because exercise increases overall metabolism; builds a healthy heart and lungs, strong bones and muscles; and improves coordination, balance, posture and flexibility.” For more information 973-726-4110 or