The Real Scoop on Cafeteria Food

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:15

    For some time now airline food and the school cafeteria menu conjured up the same thought … Yuck! While officials argue if the lunches students eat meet basic Food Pyramid standards or they're just the cuisine equivalent of a quick fix, The Township Journal went to the real experts - the students - to dish out the real truth behind the cafeteria doors. "The french fries and chicken are really good, but I'd love to see real pizza brought in from a local pizzeria." Denise Radeloff "I don't really eat at the cafeteria, but I will say that the cookies are the greatest." Evan Jelly "I think we could use more variety, some changes in the daily specials. I think the food is OK though, but I do use the vending machines a lot even though I know they're not the healthiest food to eat." Nicky Skinner "There are two lines in our cafeteria. One was the a la carte line which I think was too expensive for what you got, and the other was more reasonably priced but had less of a selection. Overall the food was all right." Mike Fitzpatrick: Sparta High School also makes various vending machines available to the students, serving among other things lemonade, Gatorade, Yoohoos, ice tea, and yes, they even soda, shhh. Sparta also has a school store where candy and various school items are for sale.