What advice would you give to incoming 6th graders?

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:52

    You should keep your books and binders organized. It will be easy to find your books so that you aren't late for class. Sam Casey Learn your way around the school because it's easy to get lost. Try to memorize where your classrooms are. MaryKate Cartwright Try to remember everything you learned in 5th grade math because you'll use it in 6th grade math. Use your agenda. Mike Brown Study for tests. There are a lot of them! Kendall Dmoch Fagan Always do your homework and study for tests. Katy Venizelos Watch out for the dress code. They'll send you home. Courtney Noone Carry around your schedule for the first week so you don't forget it and wind up being late for class. Kathleen Melgarejo Make sure you do your homework and projects right away because the time you get to do them goes by really fast. Emily Shoup Try to get along with everyone and try to be the best person you can, academically and socially. Sara Esterlis School can be hard at times but if you start with a positive attitude and an mind open to new things you'll do just fine. Kate Lowery If you are late to class three times you will get a detention. So get to class on time. Billy Hagany Write your locker combination down because during the first weeks there is so much to remember that you could easily forget it. Krista Shugart