Why is the Water in Sparta?

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:50

     A. Cloudy?  B. Fizzy?  C. Milky?  D. All of the above! No, you aren't imagine things. Lately the water in Sparta has been cloudy, fizzy and milky looking, none of which is harmful, according to the Sparta Township Water Utility Spokesperson Denise Amato. "If you fill a glass with water and set it on the counter you will see that the water will start to clear from the bottom up," said Amato. "That's because excess oxygen is escaping." According to Amato the discoloration or "fizziness" is occurring because the water in the wells is being pumped out as fast as it is coming in due to high demand. "We had one well that was down and it was a high producer," said Amato. "Water had to be redistributed from other wells, demand is up and the pumps keep going without the tanks ever filling up again. The constant pumping is creating air bubbles. It is just part of the season."