Women and guns on the range

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:51

Franklin — Franklin Revolver & Rifle Association held a Women and Guns basic pistol marksmanship class for women 21 and older. The class, held Aug. 7, offered firearms safety training. Diana Hovencamp shot the highest score with a 97 out of a possible 100 using a pistol with an electronic illuminated reticule at 25 yards. She was congratulated on her accomplishment by Franklin Revolver and Rifle Association Executive Officer Bill Haas and Range Safety Office George Ambrose. The training firearms were .22 caliber semi-automatic target pistols with spare magazines and yellow safety flags. The program included a one-hour lecture and hands-on, one-on-one instruction. Students learned how to use a proper stance, sight picture, breathing and trigger squeeze to fire accurately at a small bullseye. Ammunition, target, facilities, instruction, eye and ear protection were provided free as a community service by the National Rifle Association and Franklin Revolver and Rifle Association.