Young residents answer the call to help

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:52

Sparta - Aid from Sparta will soon be making its way to the victims of hurricane Katrina. Sparta residents, Tish Gasser and son Shaun, along with neighbors Gordon and Jonathan Bonker and cousin Molly Hannelly forgo their traditional Labor Day weekend activities. No fishing, no boating, and no swimming for this group of friends on the last weekend of summer vacation, instead the youngsters hit the pavement selling books, lemonade, baked goods and handmade Mardi Gras bracelets in an effort to raise money for the victims of Katrina. "The children at least feel like they are helping in some way, and it makes them feel good," said Gasser. "I told them that every drop of water helps fill a bucket and that if everyone helps a little the bucket gets filled that much faster." Gasser's son Shaun and cousin Molly said they were saddened by the images they saw on television. "We saw all these people with no houses and no where to go. We knew they needed to get help and get out of there," said Shaun. This is not the first fund raising the group has organized. Following the devastation of 9/11 they raised $830 from a yard sale and last year they collected $215 for the tsunami victims. The funds collected are sent to the Red Cross. "People can be so generous at times like this," said Gasser, "Many people stop and thank the kids an awful lot for their efforts." Saturdays donations alone added up to $190 and by Monday afternoon the friends had raised over $500 for the cause.