Disappointed, wants answers

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:10

    I feel like I am being taken to the cleaners by the Sparta BOE. I have never understood the degree of fiscal irresponsibility demonstrated by the recent BOE members and the superintendent. For examples, 1. Why did they vote to hand over $3000 of our tax money to the recently resigned Director of Guidance after he freely chose to leave the district for another job? 2. Why are they supporting additional athletic fields when our relative academic performance is free-falling? 3. Why are they not giving the $544K unbudgeted state grant back to the taxpayers? 4. Why are they 'finding’ piles of money in the multi-million dollar range [each] that nobody knew about. Is anybody at the helm of this ship? Will that money be returned to the taxpayers I can charitably discount the BOE members role for their lack of experience with these types of matters. I can not write-off Dr Morton’s role as he is a career administrator who is over-paid to see that our finances for education are well managed. Yet, repeatedly he has taken fiscally reckless direction during these trying economic times. Does anybody else feel like they are being taken to the cleaners with Dr. Morton at the wheel? He is laughing at all of us on his way to the bank. Peter Locher Sparta