Get ready to give up your guns

| 16 Mar 2022 | 04:18

    To the Editor:

    Get ready to give up your guns! The Supreme Court recently handed down a decision that the Texas Supreme court confirmed. The case was about abortion, but like many things, the court hears it was really about your rights and what the state can and can’t do to take those rights away from you.

    The Texas law allows private citizens to sue someone for having an abortion. The Supreme Court acknowledged women have a constitutional right to an abortion. As a result, the court has printed a road map for taking away your other rights. NRA adamantly supported opponents of this law for that reason.

    As a result of the Texas law, New York is already looking at private enforcement of anti-gun laws. Texas’ law is a blueprint for other states to restrict gun rights, same-sex marriage and vaccination requirements. They have written a blank check, making it nearly impossible to challenge a state law in federal court.

    So get ready for “private bounty schemes” that target persons who marry someone of the “wrong” sex or color, criticize the government, refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated, make negligent or harmless false statements on public issues, or engage in any other protected but disfavored conduct.

    This decision could not have happened without the previous president and the justices he nominated. All three voted to uphold this law.

    I suppose the moral of this story is: Be careful what you wish for.

    Ron Day