GOP keeping its promise of failure

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:44

    Let’s recall — At the inception of the Obama presidency Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell said it was his job to cause Obama to fail. Also, Rush Limbaugh said it was the patriotic duty of every Republican in Congress to cause President Obama to fail. Republicans are keeping this promise. They’re doing all they can to cause Obama’s presidency to fail. And, in the process they are taking down the country and its economy as well. And that seems to be just fine with them, so long as they can keep the right wing crazies in their party happy. They have turned raising the debt limit into a crisis. They are a minority. In fact, most Americans want to get on with it. We think we can get back to the balanced budget we had during the Clinton years. We can and should reverse the terrible policies put in place during the Bush administration that have put the country into the awful economic shape we’re in. But this can’t be done if the Republican minority in Congress refuses to cooperate, or even to compromise. It appears that nothing will satisfy them. Forget about reversing the tax breaks Bush gave to the rich. They’ll even kill the plan if “revenue enhancement” means closing tax loopholes like the one that enables fund managers to pay less tax than their secretaries. They insist that federal spending be slashed, not just cut, at a time when every economist worth his salt says this will end the recovery, tank the economy and skyrocket unemployment. Wait a second! That’s exactly what they promised that they would do. They promised to deny Obama a second term even if it means flushing economic recovery down the drain. They’re doing it. Hopefully, voters will see who is to blame after all this sorts out. Michael G. Busche Sparta