Apple rolling over like a dog to China

China /
| 27 May 2021 | 03:41

    We are in deep competition with China in every industry, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Electrical Cars, Rocketry, and on every other bridge of technology- you can imagine- Apple acting like a lap dog to China is appalling and dangerous!

    This is a sell out on every level! How stupid is it for Apple to allow Chinese state-run governmental firms to run personal data of Chinese and other customers around the world? The answer - very stupid!

    According to the New York Times, Chinese state employees physically manage the computers used at Apple Works in China. Stupid is stupid, is it not? Yes, when you realize Apple abandoned needed encryption techniques to the Chinese.

    Why does Apple head Thomas Cook show too many compromises that have been shown in Apple documents in our court system? This is sick if true! We can do more here and elsewhere! Enough begging to China for commerce!

    Bill Weightman