Beware 'Antifa', not concocted 'Troika'

| 02 Oct 2017 | 09:44

    (Editor's note: the following is in respose to a letter of J.P. Curtis published here on Sept. 28.)
    Conflating the despicable defacing of the Sussex Diner with an imaginary “Troika” indicative of white supremacy is to be alarmist at best.
    To quote a then disillusioned 1940’s-era vice president is equivalent to shoring up an earthquake-damaged building with licorice sticks. VP Henry Wallace was whisked off to Russia through the Alaska territory by representatives of Stalin near the end of WWII. He drank the Coolaid of Communism to the point that when it came for him to be nominated in 1943 to remain with FDR, the Democrats resoundingly named Harry S. Truman. Indeed, Progressive Party founder Wallace eventually returned to his Republican roots supporting General Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956 for a second term while recanting his earlier incantations cited by Curtis.
    I would say, beware the “Antifa” – those anarchists who call themselves “anti-Fascists”. A term seldom seen in or on mainstream media yet a violent, anti-democracy element in our society. They call themselves community activists. They are funded by the likes of George Soros. They have links to the lie-based Black Lives Matter, violent activists who attack law enforcement. Antifa wear ski masks and balaclavas and carry bludgeon-style weapons and toss Molotov cocktails to prevent free speech by conservative scholars. When our criminal justice system doesn’t decide matters according to their prejudicial mindset, they act out in a criminal manner crying “police brutality”. There are over 200 loosely linked Antifa groups in the U.S. today.
    If one plans or has planned to ruin our Constitutional democracy, it begins with a false narrative – ex: police brutality. A narrative fostered by the White House for two terms. According to the left, “Racism” is the cause of everything. “Academic freedom” is abused by left-leaning educators, even now at West Point in the case of Communism imbued Lt. Rapone and his middle-eastern civilian, diversity-experiment professor. Elitist entertainment and sports personalities who take their respective stages, totally ill-informed, spewing lies and vulgarity in the guise of humor is yet another step. Attacking our heritage and the long-standing symbols of our democracy is scattered throughout the steps. The advancers of the narrative? The left-leaning fourth estate! The mainstream news media.
    The freedoms enumerated in the Constitution are under attack and must be protected by all. We are the “land of the free and the home of the brave” despite the naysayers.
    I remain factual, objective and unabashed,
    Eskil S. Danielson, MA
    Byram Twp.