Bluster and whine

| 15 Aug 2017 | 06:41

    Our blustering Bully-in-Chief has taken his act international. With his typically hollow bellicosity, our brave warrior with the five deferments has rattled his saber in an astounding display of braggadocio and idiocy. According to his blathering, the man in the hollow suit will unleash fire and fury over North Korea, Iran will suffer catastrophic results for violating a treaty, and even Venezuela, that militant powerhouse in our backyard, is considered a just target for his military might.
    Will there be no one to ask the question that kids in my old neighborhood used to ask? " Yeah? and then what.? " Few kids from the old Bronx would back down from a bully. And it is certain that international players on the world stage today will not be cowed, either. They might even be disposed to kick the tough guy in the shins just to watch him whine that he is being treated "unfairly" just like he always does when he cannot get his way.
    We can only hope that the Generals in the room will tell this recalcitrant child to "put a sock in it!" and have him write on the board that it is better to be silent and let people think him a fool rather than open his mouth and remove all doubt.
    John Klumpp