Bowlers display best of New Jersey, America

| 20 Feb 2018 | 12:57

    The New State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) governs all high school sporting contests be they baseball, football, basketball, field hockey, soccer, etc. Interscholastic bowling, both team and individual, is another such sport demanding individual skills and teamwork in a now highly technical sport.
    Before any state-level NJSIAA Bowling Championship, the playing of the National Anthem is required with bowlers standing on the foul lines from Lane 1 to Lane 50 at Bowlero in South Brunswick. Yesterday, over 100 girls and boys, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, accompanied by like-diverse siblings, parents, grandparents, coaches, fellow students, stood, alertly anticipating the Anthem.
    The PA system failed on Wednesday, Feb. 14 at the state individual finals. After a few minutes, one could hear the National Anthem being sung by the voices at one end spreading across the venue. It ended in a great, spontaneous rendition that might even had made ‘what’s his name’ get up off his knee.
    What a start to a great sporting event!
    New Jersey and America at their best.
    Eskil S. Danielson, MA