Christie recognized health threat

| 22 Jan 2018 | 05:28

    So much divides us in the present day political scene, perhaps the facts can unite us.
    A report recently published from Lehigh University has disclosed dramatic evidence of the health implications of coal fired power plants. Before anyone suggests the study was politically motivated let me offer that this study only occurred because a Republican governor, from our state filed a law suit declaring that PA. coal plants were sending health harming emissions to those of us in N.J.
    The suit by Christie did not mention global warming, ignorance of which is Trump’s badge of honor. Unlike the uninformed Trump, Christie has been able to make the distinction that green house gases aside, coal combustion posses a signifigant threat to the health of our citizens, our neighbors, to you and me!
    Can anyone proclaim Trump understands the link between health issues and the cost of Medicare, Medicaid while he is not willing to protect us from obvious health threats from coal combustion?
    Do Trump’s supporters let their politics take them so far beyond reality that they are willing to let the health of their families be harmed for the sake of supporting an ignorant president? Are they not also guilty when they support his destructive behavior? Do they have the intellect or courage to answer to their families, to themselves.
    Mike La Rose