Dennis Library renovation project should be done

Newton /
| 02 Jul 2023 | 06:57

    In 2021, the Sussex County Commissioners accepted a $3.5 million grant from the state to renovate the Dennis Library in Newton and agreed to match that amount with monies from the “rainy day” fund created by the sale of the homestead.

    At that time, the commissioner director stated, “It’s a really smart investment with the possibility of a really strong return.”

    We couldn’t agree more!

    Unfortunately, the estimated cost of the original project has exceeded the original allocation.

    We appreciate the professionalism extended to advocates of the project who have spoken at commission meetings and applaud the county for instructing their architect to collaborate with the library director to revise the original plan within the funds available.

    We urge them to submit the substantial change form to the State Library and to accept the donation of the building, which serves 25,000 residents, honoring their commitments to county residents and the Newton Library Association.

    The initial $3.5 million grant can be used toward finally making this historic building handicapped-accessiblewhile improving the library for the residents of Andover Boro, Andover Township, Fredon, Green, Hampton, Lafayette, Newton and Stillwater.

    We are gratified by the many individuals who have sent supportive emails to the commissioners and thank the Andover Township, Fredon, Green, Hampton and Newton governing boards for their resolutions of support.

    Anticipating continued progress,

    Helen Heckman


    Wendy Whipple

    Andover Township