Divisive civility

Sparta /
| 28 Jun 2024 | 07:55

    We live in a divisive society,

    Requiring new norms of polite enmity.

    So let’s explore three new phrases of “harmony,”

    To contemplate in these times the three in parody.

    “How are you today?” The reply, “None of your business!”

    A fitting retort displaying your wantonness.

    When leaving a meeting and told to have a nice day,

    Reply “I don’t have to if I don’t want to” cliché.

    And when complimenting on a great service,

    With sincere irony say “Not half-bad” in disservice.

    These “alt facts” retorts fitting for our divided nation,

    When civility is replaced by instigation.

    Three oxymora for our forlorn civility,

    Prayerfully, a detour for a politer democracy.

    George Kibildis