Do you want your kids to live in world of peace and a planet that is still green?

| 04 Oct 2020 | 09:48

    Erik Anderson of Ogdensburg writes, “So those suburbanites aligning with BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa (Anti-Fascism), you are actually the brown shirts and Nazis.”

    Have you watched any Indiana Jones movies? The Nazis are the bad guys, the ones that committed genocide, killing innocent people because of their religion, their brown eyes, etc. Nazis aren’t your friends, period. Open a history book or for the love of God, watch an Indiana Jones movie.

    Trump in the debate on live television said: “Proud Boys stand back and stand by.”

    Gee, I wonder what that means? Proud Boys are a hate group against people who don’t look like them, and hey! they don’t like women either.

    I urge you to Google the definition of a Proud Boy. I would also like to add, the only reason “Blue Lives Matter” began in the first place is because people can’t swallow the idea of “No Lives Matter until Black Lives Matter.” Imagine being a certain demographic and the question up for debate is “Do white people matter.” No, you can’t imagine that because it’s called privilege.

    This isn’t about being a Republican or a Democrat. It’s literally choosing to enforce hate or not. The dream of America is now a nightmare thanks to your President Trump. And if you got this far in my opinion piece, ask yourself “Do I want my kid to live in a world ruled by the Nazis, and white men who hate other people who don’t share the same skin color? Or do I want my kid to live in world of peace and a planet that is still green?”

    Camila DiResta