Environmental vote on Nov. 7

| 03 Oct 2017 | 01:53

    New Jersey has gubernatorial elections coming up on November 7. As an environmental voter, I support candidates who commit to lowering emissions and transitioning New Jersey to renewable power. I want us advancing offshore wind not offshore drilling; solar panels not pipelines. With our uniquely ideal coastal conditions for offshore wind, we should be racing to beat Paris Agreement standards while establishing energy independence in non-toxic, tourism-encouraging ways.
    Maryland is working on an offshore wind project that, according to the Business Network for Offshore Wind, will bring in $1.8 billion of new state spending, 9,700 new jobs and $94 million in new tax revenue. In a tax-battered state like New Jersey, how good does that new revenue sound?
    Studies show that offshore wind turbines even encourage tourism! When possible, tourists choose hotel rooms facing turbines. The ACUA Wind Farm hosts regular tours of the five turbines on their site and has employees dedicated to hosting those tours. Orsted and U.S. Wind have proposals for two major offshore wind projects 'on the table' so to speak. Let's move those forward.
    Enough of leadership that sidesteps enviromental ethics! As a mother of four with an asthmatic son, I view clean drinkable water, clean air and clean renewable energy as imperatives in any candidate's agenda.
    That's why I am voting for Phil Murphy on Nov. 7. Please join me in doing so.
    Christine Clarke
    Environmental Director,
    Action Together New Jersey