Government failed again

Sparta /
| 21 Jun 2024 | 09:47

    Capitalists are fond of pointing out how the private sector can do many things better than the government can.

    One area where this is not supposed to be true is law and order, the administration of justice.

    Well, urban justice systems in America are now tempting us to believe they cannot do their job.

    Should we leave law and order up to vigilantes? Could they do a better job? Would they punish criminals more swiftly and more justly than our governments do? It would be interesting to find out.

    I imagine criminals would prefer our current, soft-on-crime system to a system of justice administered by vigilantes.

    Instead of protecting the public, urban governments have created “safe spaces” for criminals.

    We often blame politicians, but many people voted for these destructive policies. We the people keep sending the same politicians back into office.

    Dave Salmon