Grounds for rebuttal

| 14 Feb 2018 | 04:01

    Dear Editor,
    Recently an individual named Gregory penned comments about two letters I offered for my fellow citizens’ consideration. Based on the tone of his opinions, I feel obligated to give him the courtesy of a response.
    First of all Gregory, you never responded to the medical facts published about coal combustion being very harmful to our health, much less the environment. You also misrepresented my comments about the Russians. I never mentioned collusion, have no way of knowing yet if there was any. In fact I offered that our elections are, “squarely within the hands of the American people”.
    You also suggested that I am displeased with our electorate system: not me Gregory, I think the system is, just fine, thank you. My thought is that a lot of people need to reconsider how they vote, this partisan thing is bleeding our country. No one can deny that this last election was gut wrenching!
    Oh and Gregory, as to your comment about certain folks not being good enough to, “Kiss the ground The Donald walks on”; unlike him, I am a proud Vietnam veteran and American patriot. I don’t kiss the ground that anyone walks on. You do, and since you will apparently continue to kiss his ground or whatever else he makes available to you, here are the rules of engagement: The next time you have something to say to me, wipe all that ground kissing dirt out of your mouth first, it seems to be clogging your air ways and is causing you to become disoriented.
    Michael J. La Rose
    U.S. Army Captain
    Cha Rang Valley, Vietnam
    (Editor's note: This was written in response to a letter by Andover resident Gregory Agen that appeared in Feb. 8-14 edition of The Sparta Independent and
    The Township Journal.)