Guadagno's proposals are what New Jersey needs

| 31 Oct 2017 | 01:38

    For the past eight years Kim Guadagno has served as the Lieutenant Governor, the Secretary of State, Chair of the New Jersey Partnership for Action and the manager of the NJ tourist industry. In these positions she was the point person in leading New Jersey out of the great recession. In January 2010, when Kim was sworn in, the unemployment rate in NJ was 9.8%. Due in large part to Kim’s work in these four positions, today the unemployment rate in the Garden State is 50% lower, with the growth of 278,000 private-sector jobs. Her opponent, Democrat Phil Murphy, another Goldman-Sachs millionaire, has no record like this.
    To keep the momentum going as Governor, Kim Guadagno plans to provide serious tax relief to the residents and businesses of New Jersey, the most over-taxed state in the nation, while Murphy says he wants to raise your taxes by $1.3 billion. Kim Guadagno plans to lower property taxes by revising the school funding formula to make it fairer. Now the State spends about 70% of its school budget on the 31 Abbott Districts, while the remaining 647 school districts receive only 30% of the State’s funding. Despite the extra funding, the Abbott Districts have not improved student outcomes. Kim supports school choice, which has been shown to improve outcomes in most cases and at lower cost. Kim also wants to cap the school portion of property taxes at 5% of income, and make up any short fall by streamlining State Government. Phil Murphy opposes these proposals.
    Kim Guadagno wants to work with the public sector unions to negotiate a solution to the pension underfunding and change the pension system to be more like those in the private sector. Kim Guadagno, as a former federal prosecutor and sheriff, believes in enforcing the law. She believes that Phil Murphy’s sanctuary State plan, which would release violent criminals back in society when there is a federal retainer issued on them, not only violates the law, but puts society at risk.
    Kim opposed the gas tax increase, and thinks the law’s provision that a four-person panel will allocate where the transportation funds are spent is the worst part of the law and needs correction.
    To keep Kim Guadagno working hard to promote economic growth, attract many more businesses to start or move to the Garden State, create job opportunities in New Jersey, improve education, increase school choice, reduce poverty and crime, reduce property taxes, and make the Garden State a great place to live, work and raise children, New Jersey voters must elect Kim Guadagno Governor on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
    Rich Miner
    Chairman, Sparta Municipal Republican Committee