History will judge Trump

| 14 Feb 2018 | 04:03

    To the Editor:
    In response to Gregory Aden’s letter published February 6, 2018, written with what appears as personal vitriol, calling Mr. LaRose and liberals buffoons, idiots, lost souls and fools who aren't good enough to kiss the ground the president walks on, I’ll leave it to Mr. Aden to kiss that ground, but would suggest he do so with caution now that the EPA is being made toothless.
    His contention that “The presidential electoral process is what it is, so if you don't like it, leave” bears a split second’s thought. I decided not to seek asylum in Dublin because Trump is what I fought against during the Vietnam War, albeit, Ho Chi Minh had more dignity and intelligence and won without a nuclear phallus, but admittedly with great deal of help from our politician’s ignorance that was far less than Trump’s.
    You’d have to be old enough to remember an honorable Republican, like President Dwight D. Eisenhower, to measure the true political decay of our “electoral process” that has been made corrupt by the misuse of gerrymandering and the electoral college, voter de-registration, anonymous political contributions, corporate personhood and a manipulation of media.
    With respect to Mr. Aden’s contention there was no Russian collusion, well, that is yet to be determined, but one has to wonder why Trump does protest so much. What is he hiding as the most opaque president in our nation’s history? Could it be he was duped by Putin’s minions as the Moscow Candidate or that he knew (or should have known) what his campaign minions and congressional toadies were doing to further his candidacy and now his presidency and personal business interests? After all whether or not there was collusion we still need to examine the Russian’s ways and means for launching a cyber attack.
    Mr. Aden went on to offer Mr. La Rose and liberals some, “Edifying redemption: Watch Fox News and listen to Rush on a daily basis and, before you know it, that boatload of leftist prevarications you hold so dear will cease to hold water.” As a progressive Republican (extinct wing of the GOP) I thank him for the suggestion, but a boat load of responsible investigative reporting is preferable to a supremacist’s boatload of clap trap that presents conspiracy theories and commentary as news in a ratings driven entertainment media.
    Mr. Aden concluded, “Fifty years hence (and without question) Trump will be regarded as one of the greatest American presidents ever.” That would be very sad and is only likely if the electorate, in fifty years, elects a puppet for president who is incorporated and thence given further rights by the Supreme Court as a person. Of course the puppeteer will have to be appointed Whitehouse Spokesperson in reverse. I think it’s more likely that history will judge Trump the most notorious President and Charlatan-In-Chief ever elected–– by Feral Paranoids.
    J. P. Curtis