Sparta /
| 16 Jul 2023 | 10:51

    How about this recent Russian insurrection?

    We applaud Putin’s demise with affection.

    The neo-Nazi Wagner Group’s military coup,

    Failed, but dictatorship’s ultimate rendezvous?

    How about our January 6th insurrection?

    For we believe in democracy with affection.

    The MAGA extremist groups failed in their coup,

    With freedom still our precious rendezvous.

    Two insurrections, which are similar but different,

    In totalitarianism, it is with ferment.

    In democracy, it was the vote to prevent,

    Both with para-military force malcontent.

    Perhaps a lesson in humanity for you and me,

    Democracy, if we can keep it, our destiny?

    George Kibildis